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Grand Garlic Parm 'Nana Chips: 8-Pack

$ 24.99

Taste like all chip, no ‘nanner.

Gluten Free. Grain Free. Paleo. Vegan. No Added Sugar. Non-GMO.

There's nothing like a good ol' bag of chips. But, we dumped the played out potato in favor of the banana. Don't freak! Our green, low-sugar bananas taste like all chip, no ‘nanner. And we flavor them with REAL garlic and oregano. Snag the checkered flag with this savory snack that tastes like victory.

Sucker-punch the 3-o'clock slump. Fuel the next road trip. Gear up for the game.

However you dine, much Bubba-love to you, friend.

Our Real Food Ingredients:

Banana Chips (Bananas, Coconut Oil), Olive Oil, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Nutritional Yeast, Sea Salt, Garlic, Onion, Basil, Oregano, Rosemary, Black Pepper.

You'll note we said NO to: Artificial Anything, Added Sugars, Preservatives, Cheap Oils, Gluten & Grains. You're welcome.

This product is carefully produced in gluten free facility that also processes peanuts and tree nuts.

This product has been certified Non-GMO, Paleo, Vegan & Kosher by Earth Kosher. Certification logos will not appear on packaging until early 2019.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Heaven in a bag

I legit cannot get enough of these freakin’ dope snacks. I give them as gifts. I eat them in bed, my car, at work...

One of My Favoiite Snacks!

Garlic Parm Nana Chips are great as a snack, with soups or with your favorite dip. I love the crunchy flavor!!


Grand Garlic Parm 'Nana Chips: 12-Pack

These have saved me while on a paleo diet!

My husband told me for months how good these were but I wouldn’t try them as I thought they tasted like bananas. Well once I got on low carb diet... I gave them a try and was instantly hooked. You would NEVER realize they were bananas. These are a great, very filling snack that I now order in bulk. These really help get me through that afternoon slump in a healthy way! If you’re on the fence try them!

Love these!

These banana chips are delicious!! And for someone like me, with many food allergies like gluten, dairy, soy, corn, nuts, eggs, etc...I thought I’d never eat chips again. These chips are better than any banana or plantain chip I’ve ever tried. They have nailed the spices to really taste like what it says without being overwhelming. Thank you Bubba’s!!