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Amazing snack!

Awesome texture and flavor! So happy they came out with a sea salt flavor.

Addictive unGranola

Great tasting snack/granola to add to yogurt or eat alone. Couldn't stop eating it! Dark chocolate and cinnful apple are my favorite.

Satisfying AIP-Friendly Snack

The Classic Sea Salt 'Nana Chips are awesome! They are my go-to snack on most days. Since starting the AIP diet, I have been on the hunt for an easy, portable (and most importantly) delish snack-- and the Sea Salt 'Nana Chips fit the bill! They're sweet and salty with a good crunch! Love these chips and will continue to keep the pantry stocked!


I am loving this sample pack - not only because of the clean ingredients and no added sugar, but because they taste great too! I can't wait to order more and try all the other products!

Best. Snack. EVER.

I am a snacker, so believe me when I say I’ve tried every snack on the market and these are the BOMB. All of them are good, but Savory Original Snack Mix is the best. I would eat these even if I didn’t care about being healthy! SO good. Just need a bigger bag...

Great products, outstanding customer service

I discovered Bubba’s a few years ago and have absolutely loved their Ungranola. We order it by the box. Garrett has been super helpful and has gone above and beyond to make sure that we are happy with the product. When the recipe for the Boubon Vanilla Ungranola changed, he reached out and let me know two weeks before our order shipped. I like the new version better, but he let me know that we could still get a few boxes of the old stuff if needed. We will continue to buy Bubba’s Foods products because they are excellent and the customer service makes it easy to be loyal.


This is delicious - I can't wait to try the rest of my sample pack I ordered. Love the no added sugar so it's a snack I can feel good about eating and a great on-the-go snack to carry with me!

Great tasting snack

Great flavor and can't stop eating once I open the bag! My favorite flavor so far... tastes amazing and not too sweet. Perfect granola to pair with yogurt or eat alone.

Delicious snacking

These chips provide the salty, crunch and flavor without all the guilt associated with most snack chips.

And best yet, all flavors are vegan!

Ditch the traditional chips in the grocery store and try these, you will be glad you did.

My favorite is the garlic parm.

Great snack

Really good flavor for this new snack mix, we love it! It's delicious and easy for travel snacking or snacking healthy at home!

One of the best flavors

Cannot get enough of the Montreal flavor... would really like to see these in a single serve

3-pack thriller

As the last time, the Ungranolas are delicious!

What a Great Snack

A snack that I really enjoy, with out a lot of sweet and raisins. The balance of the spices and the toasted flavors of the nuts makes this a step above plantain chips and is just perfect to my pallet. The original I will admit is my favorite. Also with no sugars my wife can enjoy also as a diabetic. This is a five star winner to me.

Love this clean snack

This ungranola is great to eat out of the bag or with a little almond milk. ♥️

Great new selection

Love the fact you are using green bananas and no added sugar and was very pleased that the Snack Mix packages contained more nuts than in the past. I’ll certainly keep purchasing your great products.


I love all the products but my favorite is the snack mix, all flavors. They also provide fantastic customer service and good discounts.


It’s incredible! Almost addictive. Has a little kick and is delicious


A refreshing snack option for paleo folks


Enough said



Better than the real thing

I had to give up granola, my favorite comfort food, a couple years ago (problems with oats), but Ungranola is more than a fair replacement. So glad I saw it on the shelf at the market. Good job. Even at the high price I cannot resist.

My Fav!

I've tried several of the available flavors of these yummy snacks, and this is my favorite! Soooo good!!

Clean Snack!

these days it's hard to find a really healthy snack without some GMO and harmful ingredients, but i feel safe eating this snack which doesn't have some undesirable ingredients that i am trying to avoid.

Best Granola I’ve ever had!

Love the Apple and Vanilla. Not too sweet, love that it does not have oats. One taste and you’ll understand!

Love the single serve variety packs! Convenient small packs you can fit anywhere!