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Taster Tester :)

HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY..... YUM, YUM, YUM! Pretty sure that sum's it up.... I ordered the "sample" pack. So far my favorite is
"Nana Classic Sea Salt." The 'buffalo' is really good; to me they taste a little like BBQ. Garlic Parmesan are very good; however a little more garlic would be nice. Of course the 'nut mixes" are also good. TRY & ENJOY.....I DON'T THINK YOU'LL BE DISSAPPOINTED.


I absolutely love the Keto nut snack mix variety packs. I can’t pick a favorite because I love them all. I was shocked at how good the flavors were. I wish the bags were bigger


Mix with yogurt, put on cereal, you name it! Delicious stuff!

Better than any granola I have ever had

And it's totally grain free. Love this stuff, thanks Bubbas!

Nut mixes good but not my favorite

I tried the Keto Nut Mixes recently. They're good, but I still favor the snack mixes. The granola and the nut mixes are both a bit to crunchy for me, while the snack mixes are just right and SO delicious! I no longer buy potato or corn chips, but reach for the Bubba's Snack Mixes daily. Yum!

Keto Sweet Snacks

I have been on the keto diet for about a year. I missed sweet keto friendly snacks, until I found Bubba's mixed nuts. They are wonderful and my sweet tooth loves them. I have one bag a day and it makes me feel like I'm cheating but I'm not. If you have a sweet tooth and want a keto friendly snack, I highly recommend Bubba's mixed nuts. I haven't tried anything else yet, but I look forward to trying all their treats.

Z-ARCHIVE_Classic Sea Salt 'Nana Chips: Single Serve 8-Pack
Bob Goldman

I came for the grain-free Ungranola as part of low carb weight maintenance. But the Nana Chips (salted) are an amazing find. Thanks for asking for this review because it reminds me to order more right now.

The Best

The Ungranola (plain) is so good! It was suggested by the folks at the low-carb diet center I went to, and is solving for me the breakfast issue that is the hardest part of maintaining my weight loss. I wish it came with raisins, but I add those (I know, the carbs!) and it's perfect.

Love them!

So tasty! 😍

Really amazing snack mix

So great to have a delicious healthy snack mix I can grab and eat on the go! Thanks bubbas for continuing to crank out the good stuff :)

Chips without the grain

I wanted the crunch without the grain and the savory snack mix fits the bill. I miss potato chips but wanted to avoid the bad oils. They taste great! The nuts add protein.

'Nana Chip Variety Packs
Rebecca Behling
Excellent snacks

Bubba's Nana Chips have provided a delicious snack that is also free of gluten. Thank you!

Love this!

My favorite new snack! The pecans are huge and fresh, the banana chips are crunchy and the seasoning is just right.

Bourbon Vanilla UnGranola
clarence and white





Bubba’s nana chips are THE BEST. LOVE LOVE LOVE.


Awesome and fast!!!!

The Best Grain Free Snack

Love the maple cinnamon granola on my yogurt. Has great taste with no grains....


I first tried Bananas Foster when I received it in my Bombay and Cedar subscription box, but I repurchased it because it is amazing! I now only want BF when I snack between meals. I will forever be a customer!!!

Very good!

This, so far, is my 2nd favorite flavor of the ungranola. I love topping ice cream, yogurt, and cereal with the Bourbon Vanilla! The flavor is light but so yummy!

Good stuff

The full family variety pack is a great way to taste all the flavors. My favorite is the Hickory smoked BBQ snack mix. Great flavor and helps curve my cravings for BBQ chips. I also love the Bourbon Vanilla ungranola . It’s perfect when you are craving something sweet.


By far my favorite flavor! It’s almost like having BBQ chips but so much healthier

OMG so good!

Always so delicious... I will continue to buy again and again.

We bought more!

This is maybe my husband's favorite of the granolas... though I think honestly whichever one is in his hands is his favorite, you can't go wrong!

Don't have to be Keto to enjoy

I got this for my husband, and he really enjoys it! You definitely don't have to be Keto to enjoy it, but if you are keto, it's nice to have things that you know are approved.