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Clean Snack!

these days it's hard to find a really healthy snack without some GMO and harmful ingredients, but i feel safe eating this snack which doesn't have some undesirable ingredients that i am trying to avoid.

Best Granola I’ve ever had!

Love the Apple and Vanilla. Not too sweet, love that it does not have oats. One taste and you’ll understand!

Love the single serve variety packs! Convenient small packs you can fit anywhere!

BBQ Goodness

These snacks are amazing! The snack mix is perfectly seasoned and super satisfying. From game day to on-the-go, this tasty mix is awesome.

Sad that you changed your recipe

I was introduced to your wonderful ungranola when it didn't have banana chips in it. I am on a low carb diet and was happy to find something that I could eat to replace cereal.

Yes, we want No Bananas!

Loved the Bourbon Vanilla before the addition of bananas. Please go for a low carb version that has no bananas. Extra points if you make a keto version that uses stevia or other alternative sweetener.

The Best Snack

My favorite snack so far!!!

Classic chips

These are our favorite chips yet, taste like gormet potato chips!

Heck yes! A sweet and crunchy low - sugar addition to my Greek yogurt!...or just straight out of the bag!

Seriously, the best!

The buffalo nana chips are the perfect savory mid-day snack to assist you through the afternoon. The addicting crunch leaves you without guilt (Check out that ingredient list!)

Healthy Halloween alternative

We were looking for a no-sugar treat to give out this Halloween, and decided on the Grand Garlic Parm 'Nana Chips .4oz FUN SIZE. The company is super to deal with, and the ‘Nana Chips are sooooo tasty. It was our first Bubba product, and I highly recommend them!

LIMITED RELEASE Buffalo Ranch Snack Mix: 6oz Twin Pack

Agree that these shouldn’t be a limited release! Delicious!

A new take on granola that tastes good

For those who are carb conscious, ungranola is a great choice in satisfying your taste buds. Similar texture, great taste, and low carb. The dark chocolate, bourbon vanilla, and sinful apple are all delicious and unique.

Aweseome Paleo snack!

We love our Bubbas! Been eating these delish snacks for almost 2 yrs! Hubs had special diet needs and it was SO GREAT to find some things that he could eat and LOVED! THX BUBBAS! (:

I love the favor!

It has just the right amount of sweetness with a great crunch. I now need to buy these in the small individual bags, otherwise it's tough to stop eating once you get started.

These are great snacks!

This is one of my favorite snacks. The favor is great and the taste is very satisfying. And certainly the best part is the ingredients.

The Buffalo chips are so good! The best healthy snack! Can’t wait to receive my order!

Super good stuff!

Love it! Tastes like real granola, maybe better.

Nice and Spicy!

Love the spices and the crunch! Such a great alternative to chips. I'm sad when the bag is empty!!

LIMITED RELEASE Buffalo Ranch Snack Mix: 6oz Twin Pack
Wish these weren't temporary

Yum, yum give me some!! These are excellent!! Definitely should consider keeping these as a regular flavor.

Bubba's are the Best!

I use to be a chip junkie, as I learned more about health an nutrition and how I felt after eating certain foods I found Bubba's snacks. They're absolutely spectacular. The garlic parm are my personal favorite and in the snack pack size they help me stick to portion control. There ungranola is also Deeeeelicious. I love having a snack that I can feel good about eating!

Yummy 😋

Finally a healthy snack that my kids actually enjoy! I’m so glad to have stumbled onto these. They are yummy, crunchy and seasoned well! Only wish the bags were a little bigger. I guess I didn’t really how tiny these would be when I ordered them. My kids usually grab 2-3 at a time. They are addictive

Favorite snack!

It’s so hard to find snacks that have 100% clean ingredients that taste great, but Bubbas ungranola is the best one yet! It has so much flavor and always satisfies my sweet tooth. By far my favorite snack I’ve found, highly recommend it!

Love it on yogurt!

I look forward to my after school snack of Bubba's Bourbon Vanilla UnGranola mixed into my yogurt! It holds me over until dinner. Creamy and crunchy, yum!

Tastes like a kid's breakfast cereal

This mix reminds me of Coco Pebbles but it is clean and healthy