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Sweet snack

We enjoy it most by pouring a handful and enjoying a sweet healthy treat!

Savory original snack mix

These are a favorite of my wife and I. Great tasting , healthy snack!

Really enjoyed the variety pack. Been trying different gluten free granola and this is my favorite so far! Love that it's totally grain free. The snack pack of banana chips was great too.

Please take the bananas out!

I was so excited when I first found a granola that didn't contain any gluten. The Cinnful Apple Ungranola was my favorite, but I have enjoyed each flavor. However, since you changed the mix and added the bananas I find it's not as good. I'm not sure why, but it doesn't taste the same or have the same crunch as the one the "original" mix. It's almost harder with the bananas included and lacks the same flavor. Thankfully I have several bags of the cinnful apple and vanilla without the banana that I should be good for awhile. I really wish you'd bring back the "original" ungranola. It was by far the best gluten free granola out there!

I really enjoy the ungranola- I will b ordering more -& in the near future, I will order different things - God Bless & thanks

Delicious crunch

I liked Apple the best but they all were great.


I absolutely love this stuff!! I put it on yogurt, I've eaten it as a cereal, I shovel handfuls into my mouth at a time, and I've even poured into my face hole straight from the bag!! The vanilla bourbon has replaced all snacks in my life. I only wish i could buy it in bulk or by the truck full. Either way.

Super Yummy!

Such a fantastic snack! Every bite is delicious and satisfies any savory/sweet crunchy desire you are craving. They're a hit at any party, an excellent gift and leaves you feeling good not bloated. :)
You cannot go wrong with any of them, so just order!


This has the same crunchy texture as regular granola. Goes perfectly in yogurt!

Keto Friendly

Sooo good!! These are the best savory Keto friendly snack. I love that they’re virtually sugar free and they pack a big punch.


Can't say enough about yours your snacks there fantastic can't stop eating them this is a good one keep it going

All the Crunch

First time buyer and try'er for Bubba's Foods and they didn't disappoint. I haven't tasted all the flavors yet but hands down the winner goes to Na cho Nacho's. LOVE! Made with all the healthy seasonings and completely 'legal' on any eating level diet plan. Take the plunge and go for these tasty treats, but you'd better buy a few cuz you won't want to share. Mine are hidden.

what fun with cinnamon and apple

what fun with cinnamon and apple and of course my favorite Pecans! This is a fun breakfast cereal as well as a great snack. I have enjoyed it and my wife who is a diabetic mixes it and it adds a great pizzazz to her morning.

Hate that they changed it!

I was a huge fan of the vanilla and chocolate flavor, it was delicious on its own or on yogurt. I am so disappointed that they added bananas and changed it so much. I hope they will go back to offering the original recipe as an option.

Delicious and completely healthy!

This Ranch is my second favorite flavor! (second to the original flavor)

I'm so thankful for healthy snacks to eat. I have so many food allergies that I'm very limited on what I can eat. I basically eat paleo because those are the only foods that don't cause me problems! So these fit right in. I hope they never stop making these!!

Soooooo good! Tastes like chex mix!

This is one of my favorite things to eat! The original flavor is my favorite because it tastes like chex mix! I like the ranch and bbq flavor also though. I think there's one more flavor that my store doesn't carry.
I have so many food allergies and intolerance so it's a blessing to have foods like these that are just simple good healthy foods combined to make one amazing snack!

Best snack ever!!!

Especially for keto diet, these are delicious. They’re my go to healthy snack. Love Bubba’s

Best snack EVER!

I always order cases of their Grand Garlic Parm Nana Chips - they are the BEST! I have several food allergies and this snack doesn't contain anything I'm allergic to while packing a ton of flavor and a satisfying crunch. Everyone I've offered these to loves them. Cheerful customer service is a bonus!


I hope no one under 18 is reading this because I have to say that these are ORGASMICALLY delicious!!! While I do love the ranch flavor the savory original are the bomb. You MUST try them.

A Subtle Hint of Steak

I really enjoyed the new Chophouse flavor. It reminds me of a dry rub that I put on my steaks. Keep up the good work, Bubba's.


This flavor is amazing! Savory with just a bit of kick!

New flavor!

This flavor is so delightful! Really big, bold, Bubba's best one yet!

vanilla bourbon single packets

these are the best!. not only delicious but a very convenient quick snack for a diabetic spouse. no need to stop and weight or figure out carbs. THANK YOU

Yummy and Healthy. Win win

Not a fan of the original, but all the flavored snacks are SPECTACULAR! Helps me stay eating clean which is my favorite thing about em


Absolutely love these chips. Especially since they are 100% healthy. This new flavor is fantabulous. Thank you Bubbas