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I tried to give them a rating of only one star, but it wouldn’t take it. I do not like the product..the taste to me just isn’t good. Too salty and shockingly high in calories (200 per tiny bag). I’m sorry to say that I was VERY disappointed and will not be ordering these again.

16 pack, variety

I'm really sorry to say, but I'm not that fond of the product. I'll not order again.

So tasty!

These little snack bags are the perfect size to toss in lunch boxes - mine and my kids! The original mix is my favorite but my husband loves the buffalo. It’s awesome to find snacks that fit a specialized diet. We are GF, DF and refined sugar free. The granola is the perfect size for a lunchbox yogurt topping too. Exactly what I was looking for! We already placed another order!

Savory original

Loved the crunch but found this snack much too salty, disappointed.
Buffalo had the same problem for me.

I really wanted to like these

The "Variety Pack" arrived in a bag and not a box that would have protected the product. That was the first "tell" to use a poker term. We excitedly opened the bag and then proceeded to open the tiny bags containing the banana chips. The pieces that were left after shipping were mostly crumbs but we were able to find some whole pieces (one or two per small bag). The descriptions of the flavors were all quit enticing but none of the chips lived up to their description. In all we are VERY DISAPPOINTED in our samples.

disappointed the recipe was changed to include bananas. was excited to have a low carb granola from uber chocolate with only 6 net carbs per serving and now there's 10 :(

Snack packs

When I first got these, I was surprised at the size, until I opened and had one. These are perfect snack size bags. This is a variety pack and you get 4 bags of 4 different flavors--Savory Original which is a mix with nuts and sweet and savory chips--Blazing Buffalo--Cayenne spiced chips---Grand Old Garlic Parm--seasoned with Garlic, Onion, Basil, Oregano, Rosemary and Black Pepper--Bourbon Vanilla--Granola version of the chips flavored with Vanilla. Even though I liked all the flavors, I was able to decide which I liked better. My favorites were the Savory Original, Blazing Buffalo, and the Grand Old Garlic Parm.

Awesome snack mix

This has a great variety of ingredient that go together so well, all while being able to fit into my daily diet. The flavor is absolutely amazing. It is a little high in price, but definitively worth it.

Favorite snack

These banana chips are amazing. They have so much flavor, and surprisingly have superior ingredients that I feel good about eating. Pretty low sodium content, and a perfect size bag! I would recommend these to everyone who is looking for a healthier snack.


this product is amazing everyone of them were great I really like the buffalo and the savory which has the nuts in it to my favorites all of them a really really good including the granola


This is an excellent, full-of-flavor snack mix with plenty of nuts for almost every bite. Though the BBQ Chipotle is my favorite flavor, the savory snack mix will not disappoint. It is a perfect snack for travel and stays fresh and crunchy for a while after being opened. YUMMY!!!



Another awsome product!

Some time when your not sure about trying a product as to whether you'll really like it or not. Or if it might be a little too sweet for your liking. The best way is just to jump right in and give it a try. Well to our surprise, it was delicious and not overly sweet at all. Great as a snack and fantastic as a cereal too!


Love the variety!

It's nice to be able to try different flavors on one order item. The three pack it a great way to experience that and we love all three of them now. Thanks for the variety packs and a good way to try more of your wonderful products!


Great healthy, crunchy snack!

Love the crunch, love the taste, love the guilt free feeling!

Amazing chips!

These chips are so scrumptious!
Plus they are handy for a quick snack , a side for a turkey burger, or to crumble on a salad! There is to end to the wonders of these yummy yummy chips! Love them!

Awesome snacks

Love these new sugar free snack packs. Great on top of yogurt (ungranola) or just for an afternoon snack (savory banana chips) how healthy is that! Gobble some up today, you will be glad you did!

Awesome chips

These chips are amazing and blow all the other plantain and banana chips I have had out of the water! Super tasty, nice crunch, and great ingredients to make you feel awesome. Highly recommend you pick some up immediately!!

Oh my, Oh my!

Bought the original snack mix at the hospital snack bar when I really needed something to eat that wasn't junk. This is my new favorite snack - a yummy good snack with no regrets! And gluten free, yeah!

Excellent products and customer service

Started a nutrition challenge at my Crossfut affiliate and part of that was eating clean. So glad I found Bubba's as it really helped me complete the challenge and stay clean after it was done. My only 'complaint' would be that I seem to consume all of it a lot sooner than I should.

Also, the customer service is fantastic. I got my product with two days and a personalized video too

Ahhhhmazing Ungranola...

Love love love Bubba’ Ungranola! I cannot say how happy I was to find this special treat! One year ago I was no longer able to eat grains of ANY kind due to surgery. I missed oats the most and it was very hard to find a substitute for them... until Bubba’s! What a relief to find something not only grain-free but so amazingly delicious not to mention “clean”! I am limited in my sugar intake as well and this was also the answer. I am hoping to reintroduce grains again in a few weeks but I will be continuing to eat Bubba’s Ungranola flavors! Possibly on my oatmeal...


I am totally impressed with the Righteous Ranch snack, but have a problem just having one serving at a time. I could eat the entire bag, it is so wonderful!! It's definitely my new go-to "healthy" snack. Much better than chips, candy or other snack mixes in every way!! You must try it to believe it!!


I received a sample of the Bourbon Vanilla UnGranola in an Alpen Fuel box. All I can say I this is some good stuff. I was very surprised by the taste and will be buying some for backcountry snacks.


These are crisp, spicy but not too spicy, and have the best nut to banana chip ratio of any similar item I have tried. I try to get a nut in every bite and it is pretty doable! My husband who does not attempt to eat healthy most of the time enjoys this snack mix as well! I recommend pouring a 1/4 cup out and putting the bag away or you will have trouble not eating the entire bag of mix ! $$