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Crazy Yummy!

I wasn't sure about these grain-free snacks. I was sorely mistaken. They Are Awesome! I was so pleased to snack on something that is not addicting like salty snacks. In trying to eat more mindfully and these are perfect! I put all the flavors I bought out for Father's Day and the entire family dug them...All! I highly recommend them!

This is the second order I have placed for the savory original mix and I couldn’t be more impressed by the ease of ordering and the customer service! I love the videos they send that makes you seem like a real person and not just another paying customer! Now to the product! This is by far one of my favorite snacks! I could eat the whole bag in one sitting! I would recommend this product to anyone!!! Me and my family LOVE this!!!

So Good!

The Bourbon Vanilla Ungranola is so good as a “cereal” with almond milk, mixed with yogurt, or eaten as a snack right out of the bag. I’m really impressed and plan to buy more.

Love this granola!

I'm always on the search for a grain free granola that stays CRUNCHY...and this is it! Not only is it delicious and crunchy, it is really reasonably priced compared to other grain free and/or paleo granola. I only discovered it recently at a local store, than when I went back to get more, saw that they re-formulated this version into one that has banana in it. I generally avoid anything that has banana, but I decided to try it and can't taste the banana at all, which for me is a big plus and the reason I will keep buying it. So while the Uber Chocolate is now on close-out, I ordered several bags, but when this is gone will stick with Bubba's. Yay for grain free crunch!

Best granola

This is by far my favorite granola of any kind. The flavor, texture, they got it down!

Best snack ever

Best snack ever!

I love the Bourbon Vanilla Ungranola. It's a great snack to take when I'm on the road or out hiking, without all sorts of ingredients I can't eat on my diet. It tastes so good, it's hard not to eat the whole bag!

Now I can enjoy granola as cereal with Hemp milk or granola as snacks. Glad BUBBAS took the time to put LOVE into their products! TY! A lot of times eating healthy tends to sacrifice flavor, Bubbas does not sacrifice but has synergy to bring a perfect balance. Great food!

Awesome snacks

The savory are my favorite, the mix of nuts and bananas is just perfect. I purchased them on close out so the price was awesome.

Excellent Snack!

The combination of banana chips and nuts is delicious and filling. I purchase the snack during a promotion to make the price more reasonable.


I absolutely love this mixed with coconut yogurt and fruit. Special promotions make it more reasonable in price.

Not a fan of the new formula

I loved loved loved the original formula of the bourbon vanilla ungranola. I would by it 6 at a time and used it in so many ways, sprinkled on top of Keto desserts, used as a base for crusts, it was my holy grail when I wanted to find something healthy yet sweet. I don’t want bananas in the new formula, I don’t like the change in flavor or texture, but most of all I don’t like that a serving went from 6 net carbs to 9. While that may not sound like a lot, people looking to lose weight following a Keto or low carb plan will find that’s about 1/2 their daily allowance which is 20g net carbs per day. So now even if I loved the taste of the new formula I would still have to reduce how often I use it. I’m pretty upset over this. I went from 6 bags weekly for my husband and I to 1 monthly. I checked out the other flavors online and they all have bananas. I’d love a banana free option, do we have to have bananas in all the ungranolas?

Tasty and clean

Bubba’s is a snack that is tasty and clean. I am VERY particular about what I eat. I’m an athlete recovering from a herniated disc and can’t eat sugar, soy, wheat, grains or processed foods. Bubba’s foods are super delicious and approved by my functional medicine doctor. I enjoy the ungranola in sheep’s milk yogurt every day. Super yummy

Bourbon Vanilla UnGranola

I bought this because it popped up in a Facebook ad at 50% off and I'm a super compulsive shopper. When thirty packs arrived at my house I started to have buyers remorse but then I tasted it. This stuff is amazingly delicious. I brought some to work to share for a treat and my co-worker thought it was amazing too. I gave a pack to my mom to try and she really liked it, also. I'm done giving packs away as I want to keep the rest to myself. I have eaten it right out of the pack as a snack and in a bowl with coconut milk and blueberries. Great both ways. Really happy I purchased this and at such a great price.

Great Paleo Snack! Good for travel

I love that these are a tasty, Paleo-friendly snack I can take with me on the go. They pack a wonderful crunch and the flavors are just right.

Great when you want a healthy crunch!

I've been trying to find my family healthier things to snack on, but unfortunately many healthy snacks are also bland and boring. My kids LOVE these smoky chipotle bbq banana chips! Full of flavor and have that great crunch they're looking for in a snack!

My favorite snacks

I love the original Bubba's snacks especially since they are savory and gluten-free. These make great travel snacks too with the resealable package

Was fine until you added bananas

Bumped the carb count up too high for me to keep it as a keto "cereal". Really bummed. Bought my local store's last bag of the old mix and won't be buying again unless a banana free version happens.

Great for Keto or anytime

I love Bubba's ungranola! I primarily bought it so I could still get my yogurt fix on Keto (5% yogurt, of course), but I honestly prefer it now over a regular granola. When I'm off keto, I might add some fresh or dried banana for a bit more sweetness, which balances very well with the Bourbon Vanilla flavor. I just recently ordered a bunch more, including some of the other ungranola flavors!

Love these snacks so much

These are so good and even healthy. I really like everything I have bought from this company

Highly Addictive

Do not open one of these bags unless you are prepared to commit. They are delicious, and I haven't been able to make a whole bag last more than a day.

great taste- great size

psyched to see these in smaller bags so I dont eat the entire big bag in one sitting :) i prefer the nana chips to the snack mixes because they are lower in calories, etc- these are spicy, but not insane- a really nice flavor. I may give the nacho ones an edge on taste, but this is a close second. Would love to see a mustard flavor and a salt and vinegar!

this one's a keeper

fantastic new flavor. the ranch cuts out a little of the buffalo spice, but it doesn't make it bland- it just mellows it out a bit. This may be my favorite flavor after the smoky. great, healthy snack to have handy and great company!

CLOSEOUT! Savory Original Snack Mix: Single Serve 30-Pack 1.4oz BEARDED BAGS
Delicious Snacks!

I love these snacks. The package sizing makes them perfect to take along for skiing, golf, traveling...anything & everything. They have a nice crunch and taste that satisfies the hunger.

They’re all wonderful, we can’t decide which one to get!

We love the variety of getting all the flavors, they all taste great. We grab the Un-granola when we want something sweet and we munch on Nana chips when we want something savory.