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Healthy And Great Tasting Snacks

I ordered one of each product offering based on the clean, well chosen ingredients favorable macros.

A week since receiving the package, I have opened and eaten each of the offerings and have enjoyed them all. I’ve always loved the crunch of a potato chip so I’m much better off grabbing a hand full of these snacks over a potato or tortilla chip any day!


Literally everything is delicious! The Ranch and BBQ are amazing. Ungranola in yogurt is the best breakfast.


These snacks are amazing, delicious and addictive!! Most of all they are good for you. I HIGHLY recommend them.

Lovely Taste

I love that this mix has a blend of banana chips, cashews & pecans. It has a hint of salt, garlic, & onion flavor that is very addicting!

Delicious Healthy Snacks

We tried the variety pack of Nana chips and our favorite is the Blazing Buffalo. The only thing I would change about the chips is to make them thinner. I like a thin, crisp chip and I think these would be even more amazing if they were sliced real thin.

Thanks for the great customer service!

The Perfect Spicy & Savory Snack

My husband and I have fallen in love with these Buffalo Nana Chips. It's a great snack when you are craving something savory. This snack isn't very spicy to me, but I am a spicy food lover. It has a nice crunch too, so you can satisfy a crunchy chip craving easily. However, if you buy these those... be careful... they are so good you are going to want to eat more than one bag... You have been warned! :D

Delicious & Satisfying

I can't believe there are no grains in this, it tastes UH-MAZING! It's crunchy, with a hint of vanilla, and a touch of sweetness. I eat it straight from the bag, it tastes SO GOOD! One bag is very satisfying and will keep me satiated for at least an hour.

Perfect healthy snack for the whole family

Perfect for the whole family. I’m 8 months pregnant and I absolutely love it! I add the granola to my morning açaí bowls, or even throw it in with some berries and cottage cheese. My 2 year old toddler is in love with every single item. She loves the chips as well as granola. She’s so addicted to them she goes in the pantry and opens them herself. Thanks for a great product bubba Foods!

Don't tell the kids they are Banana

Yes! Omg these are amazing and taste nothing like banana ! Of course I put my son that doesn't like banana to the test and he loved them!!! I know I'm a stinker!


These are so addicting and I never get tired of them. I like this flavor and the original. I'd like to get some more discounts to try other flavors.


Absolutely delicious..and with healthy ingredients...can't go wrong with this one!

Perfect low carb chocolate snack

Absolutely the best chocolate low carb snack that's out there. It has the perfect crunch and texture. It is a bit with me, my husband and my teenage son. We are very active ultra runners and avid cyclist and this snack is perfect for us.

Awesome low carb snack

My family and I love this snack! It tastes great on yogurt or just plain out of the bag! It is the best low carb snack I've found yet. Buy this and you'll be hooked.

Bubba’s no grain

First time trying Bubba’s un granola... loved it! Definitely will buy again! Thank you Bubba’s!

Great taste

Bubba's chips tasted good. My kids enjoyed them.

Very tasty!

Great tasty granola! I eat it as a snack, and it’s so hard to stop because it’s so delicious without being too sweet

Favorite new morning food!

I absolutely love Bubba’s Ungranola! Since changing to a clean eating lifestyle, I’ve struggled to find a great tasting cereal product that is grain free and sugar free. This is it! All three flavors are good, but being a chocoholic, this is my favorite.


This definitely do not have the taste you expect! They are crunchy, and delicious. They taste just like chips

Awesome taste

I tried the buffalo banana chips and also the Parmesan ranch and they were delicious tasted like a very crunchy chip really amazing flavor


Every single one of these flavors are so delicious! I’m excited to try other flavors. The ingredients are what got me to try these but the taste made me come back for more.

Buffalo ranch snack mix

This stuff is addictive! Just the right balance between the ranch and the heat. I love the company and all of its healthy products. I hope they keep this in regular production.

5 stars

Great tasting snacks!!!

Original Savory

The original savory snack mix has become, quite simply, my favorite snack food. I eat small amounts to keep my carbs down, but this is just mind-blowingly delicious. The spices and crunch are perfect.


I liked this mix definitely worth trying

Yummy Snacks that make me feel great!

I hate convenience food that makes you feel terrible as soon as you eat it. Bubba's snacks leave you with long lasting energy. No digestion problems and no snack hangover. When you need something fast you won't find anything better than Bubba's!