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Convenient snack!

Perfect for an afternoon grab-and-go salty snack that doesn’t leave you feeling guilty. Nice portion size plus it’s healthy!

Awesome grain free granola option

Delicious! Enjoyed for breakfast with unsweetened almond milk.

really good! My favorite flavor so far

Really good!

Loved this new snack!


I been sold on Bubba's products for over a year now. I love them all. Recently though, Bubba came out with the Montreal Chophouse and my husband devoured one of the two bags I received! He absolutely loved them! This is definitely a flavor to keep!!


Hands down the best snack mix I’ve tried. Delicious flavors, quality ingredients, and not laden with sugar or other junk. The hardest part is stopping myself from eating the whole bag.


Truly delicious and a wonderful twist on chips. Love all the flavors but especially the buffalo flavor. Enjoy!


My boyfriend and I are obsessed with crunchy finger food snacks! This was an amazing alternative to the boring typical stuff we used to settle for and didn't really even enjoy all that much. Flavor wise its just out of this world and they've definitely made an impression on company. I love seeing that first initial reaction of 'woah' and complete disbelief. The only bad thing I could think of is that these snacks will ruin all other snacks for you because they will just not measure up.

Sooo Good!

Hard to find paleo snacks that taste like regular food, but love Bubba’s nana chips. Satisfies that crunch sensation I’ve missed since going on a restrictive diet, and taste amazing.

Not bad!

A nice smoky blend, addictive, hard ta put down. Not sure why the package were smaller than the average, but thats my only complaint.

Keep this forever!!

Please don't let Montreal Chop house snack mix go away!!!! As much as I love the others , this is by far my very favorite! In fact I'm going to order more right now.


Ok,so I can't decide which product I love the best!!! The buffalo chips are amazing. I cannot get enough the buffalo chips!! Thanks for making such an outstanding product!!!!!!!


I recently was traveling an picked up a pack of Bubba's Snack Mix and loved the taste and the fact that there are no unnecessary ingredients in them. I came home and immediately ordered some more! Shipping was fast and convenient. I will continue to order them!


This snack mix is SO GOOD!

New Flavor

Super delicious, healthy snack, I am addicted to Bubba's . Try them you will not be disappointed.

Great Gluten free alternative!

I enjoyed this new flavor and will order more. If any critique, it would be a stronger flavoring. My other favorite is Chipotle.

Excellent Paleo Snack

Incredible! I can't believe these are paleo! Great snack to go and to share with friends! I am impressed that it is not loaded with ingredients that might be paleo but kind of skip around the spirit of eating paleo to begin with.

Awesome stuff

I love Gardettos and Chex Mix but they are so unhealthy. Bubbas Original is similar and tastes just as good if not better plus I feel good after eating it instead of feeling like garbage after eating Gardettos or Chex mix


if there is one thing wrong, it’s that this mix is too darn good. savory, crunchy & satisfying.

My Favorite Snack!

Literally my favorite snacks. Definitely a long term customer!


Delicious! Great flavor and as I said, addictive!

Damn good

I couldn't be happier to find something that I do not feel guilty for eating. 100% recommend

Blazing Buffalo Are The Bomb

I love love love blazing buffalo nanna chips!!! When the grandkids are eating chips and dip, I go for my Bubbas Blazing Buffalo nanna chips and have even converted my husband over!! They are paleo friendly and totally awesome!! Great snack at work, on the boat or when sitting around with friends.

Great chips ever, luv them

Want to get another order of them pls


Prompt shipping, and the product was great tasting as usual.