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Teenage boy's favorite snack

We all know teenage boys can eat and eat, so thankful I found a healthy clean snack he loves!

A nice Paleo snack

I've tried all the flavors and I like this one (savory and crunchy macho nana chips) best. Just savory and crunchy enough to satisfy me without eating the entire bag at once, although I admit, it's a challenge.


I first found out about Bubba's Fine Foods from my local grocery store. I bought the few flavors they offered. I loved them so much that I went online and bought the entire line of products directly so I would know what they were all like. My 2 favorites are the Savory Original Snack Mix and Blazing Buffalo Nano Mix! To keep me from eating the entire bag in one sitting, I had to force myself to measure the proper portions and put them in individual snack bags. They are that good! The Un-granolas are also delicious! I also love supporting small business because I am a small business owner, as well.

Becoming a favorite!

I really enjoy the Righteous Ranch snacks flavor! It’s a great replacement for flavored chips with none of the “bad stuff” in it!

My first order

I enjoyed the chips they gave you a good crunch and a nice flavour. I found them a little pricy, the bag is big but not a whole lot of chips inside. I would probably purchase again to have on hand.

Plant Paradox friendly

I follow the Plant Paradox diet. This product is friendly, meaning the only ingredients that are not allowed are honey and apples. I am willing to make that choice because it is delicious!!

Addicting as #$@#

Seriously - my wife and I ordered an 8 pack of these blazin' gem's. They were gone within a week - I think they should make Pringle's hand over the saying 'once you pop, you cant stop'. Seriously though. these chips are the bomb...perfect crunch and fantastic flavor! As a matter of fact, I'll be ordering more this weekend. Thanks for the reminder!


When I ordered over the holidays sample packs of sreakhouse banana chips were included. Will you be offering them as a snack? They were delicious.

Bubba's snack mixes

The original snack mix is one of my favorite snacks that I eat. It is filling and tastes great. I love how only good ingredients are included in all of the snack mixes

Very tasty snack!

We've enjoyed the snack mix so much that we had to go with the smaller portioned out bags. Otherwise, it is very hard to no when to stop as the taste is that good! I was also very impressed by the thank you video I received after our first order. That's the first time a company has done that for me. Thanks for a great product and for being nominated for the Best Paleo Company and the Best Paleo Granola. That's proof enough for just how good your product is!


Uber Chocolate Ungranola

When I need a chocolate fix I reach for the Uber Chocolate Ungranola. It has a good chocolate flavor and no sugar!

Bourbon Vanilla Ungranola

We love this ungranola because of the flavor and its ingredients. Important to us is there are no refined sugar nor any grains in It. We mix it with plain yogurt or straight out of the bag!

Great Snack!

I really enjoyed this snack. The mixture of nana chips and nuts was quite tasty. Will definitely be purchasing more!

Very Tasty Snack

Wow! I was impressed when I tried this snack. Wasn't sure what to expect, but it really tasted great and healthy too. I definitely will be ordering more. Once I opened the bag and started eating, it was really hard to put the bag down. I had to hide it so it would last longer!!

SO Good!

My husband and I love this stuff! Our favorite way to enjoy it is on vanilla greek yogurt with lots of fruit.

Snack Mix Variety Pack: 3-Pack
Great tasty snack

I love these snacks, they are all very flavorful. Am very glad I stumbled onto and will continue to order.

Great Snack!

Love these snacks. The texture is crispy like a chip and the seasonings are just right! Great portable snack to have on the go. Beware they are addictive!

Healthy and so good

Lied and enjoyed every item in The Full Variety Family Pack. The bags of UnGranola are so good! I eat these right out of bag. Also like them mised into Greek Yogurt. I will buy this package again.

Delicious, healthy, great service

Both the bourbon and the cin-ful ungranolas were surprisingly delicious given the low sugar and carb content. Ingredients were obviously whole and fresh (the walnuts were an excellent ingredient in the cin-ful mix). The truest test was that both our young daughters (7 and 4) loved them. We also appreciated the speedy delivery and the personalized service, including a video clip thank you from the management.
We will be ordering again. Thank you.

What a snack!

Seriously hard to put this bag down. I cancelled my Thrive membership immediately after getting my order today - which came in 2 days btw! Thanks for the awesome box guys - new customer for life!


I’ve recently ordered the package that comes with 9 items. My family tried the different flavors and thought they were delightful. Even my non health conscious relatives said, “Yummy!” Thank you Bubba’s Fine Foods for offering these great foods!!

Great tasty snack!

We enjoy their snack packs as they are very satisfying for a good savory graving. Good ingredients and fast and friendly service. First time I ever had someone from a company send me a thank you for ordering video. Thanks again!


blew my expectations outta the water

I got a sample of these and expected them to be "good for a healthy snack" but they are truthfully better than most things I used to usually munch on, and keep me full after! They don't have the weird taste of casein/other icky flavor preservatives, either. I ordered a couple packs before I even finished the sample pack because I loved them so much.. unfortunately I never received my purchase but I ordered again anyway and fingers crossed this one gets delivered.

Pleasantly surprised

I’ll be honest, the thought of savory banana chips did not initially sound appetizing. Nonetheless, my adventurous palate prevailed, and I’m so glad it did! These chips taste amazing, and the thick crunchy texture is a bonus. Give them a try—you’ll soon be hooked too!

Best crunchy snack since popcorn

These have quickly become my favorite crunchy snack. I've never had banana chips with texture this good before -- crunchy yet not too hard -- and they're remarkably consistent. When it comes to healthy alternatives for crunchy snacks, these have way more flavor and better texture than vegetable chips and more substance than plain popcorn. All the flavors are great but my favorites are nacho and garlic.