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Addictively Good!

Bought the sampler pack and have already purchased 4 more boxes. These are addictively good! You don't even know you're eating healthy!

Excellent snacks!!!

I tried the Nana Chip Variety pack. I cannot pick a favorite! they are ALL so GOOD. I do like that they are gluten free and did I say, tasty? i definitely will order more and trying more of what they offer~

Blazing ?

I like Bubba's. I like the crunch, like the salt, like the no added sugar. I also like spicy foods. I saw their Blazing Buffalo flavor, Cayenne chili, a little low on the list but a nice hot chili, thought I'd try it. They were good as usual, crunchy, salty. Blazing ? Not so much. I considered a 4 star rating for lack of heat, but the heat is there. It starts low and builds. If you like a mouthful of heat these may not be for you. If you like chili's in your food,try them.

Love These Snacks

I thoroughly enjoyed this variety pack. I'm not sure which I enjoyed the most. The Original Savory Snack Mix is off the hook and is the Spicy Buffalo Nanna Chips!

Not. What I Hoped

The nana chips were nearly flavorless. The ungranola was somewhat better. I was disappointed. I won’t reorder.

Truly righteous

I have tried all of the flavors of snack mixes and ranch is definitely my favorite! A handful is the perfect snack to satisfy me mid-afternoon. I keep a bag in my desk at work.

Love the granola!

Everything in the assortment tasted great! Especially like the granola. Gluten free and no oats.


When I ordered these I was a bit hesitant. Generally speaking I don’t love buffalo flavoring but I’d heard and read these were awesome so I decided to try them. So delicious!!!! It’s honestly hard to only eat one serving! Try them, you’ll be surprised at how delicious they are.

Tasty Treats

I got the family pack so I could sample many of their products. Those that I have tried are tasty made from real food. It is appreciated that they use healthy ingredients for healthy gliten free tasty treats. Recommend you do some taste testing. You will not be disappointed.


I enjoy all the varieties very much! I wish the salt intake was lower, the taste of each flavor is distinct and tasty! The chips don’t just taste like bananas,lol! Thankyou!

Great Snack with no additives

Pure food. I'm so thankful for this find. It has saved me in times of hunger when I am not at a place that offers healthy anything.

I love these products, clean food, delicious and wholesome. I'm grateful to have found this company!


These are really, really good! I can't believe it they are so flavorful, delicious and have only -good- ingredients. They satisfy the urge for snack food with excellent food! Good job, Bubba!

Loved these snacks. Very tasty and great ingredients. My son's have about gone through them so will be ordering more!!

Wonderfully addictive

I love all the products. They are so much better than I ever dreamed. They are all addictive. I just want to keep eating them. I never thought you could take banana chips and turn them into something so savory and healthy and good. The granola is wonderful too. And the best part is no added sugar with any of the products. I love, love love them! I will definitely be a returning customer!

Crack Pepper

This is the only one so far that i have tried of the pack. It is too salty for me. Hopefully the others will be good.

Love, Love, Love!

I had tried the chips and snack mix before and wanted to see what the granola is like. It's fantastic! All three are wonderful and I can't say enough positive about them from a healthy snacking perspective. I have seen others complain about the cost, but the snacks are reasonable when combined with a sale/promotion.

Beyond yum!

I am so glad I found you folks.
Unfortunately I battle a few autoimmune disorders. So, my diet is pretty Limited. But when I saw this advertised Paleo hacks website I had to try it. I got the family pack three of each type. Absolutely love them!
Thank you for creating this product!

Variety Pack

Great products, they all taste great. It's hard to believe that they are healthy snacks and they are quite tasty. Pretty pricey for the size of the package and the ingredients listed, mostly spices.

Best Breakfast

All these Ungranolas are great. They are delicious dry or with a liquid.
They are great sprinkled over yougert, ice cream or a quick snack.

This stuff is so good!

My daughter is on a special diet, I love that I know exactly what's in the ingredients! We all love this UnGranola!

Almost, but not quite

While I do like the flavor of theses ungranolas, I have to say I still miss the oats. I think these are better for snacking on than using as a breakfast cereal.


I have only had the vanilla bourbon so far and it was so great! I can’t wait to try the other flavors! Definable ordering again. I wish I could get it in larger sizes.


I love these snacks and you can’t believe they are made with bananas. Snacks that I need to keep on hand! Yumm!