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Savory Original Snack Mix
$ 14.99

Snack Mix


'Nana Chips


Savory Original Snack Mix
$ 14.99


Every batch of Bubba’s begins with low-sugar, green bananas—one of the most wholesome foods on Earth. We kettle cook them in clean coconut oil and adorn them with bold, natural seasonings like crushed sea salt, smoked paprika, and mouthwatering chipotle. 

That’s what makes our snack mixes a go-anywhere, please-everyone food. They split the difference between reckless abandon and responsibility with eye-popping flavors and nourishing, healthy ingredients.

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Blazing Buffalo


Blazing Buffalo 'Nana Chips

Zested with spices that will knock your socks off. These 'naners are for those who like a little extra heat in their life. 

Savory Original


Savory Original Snack Mix

Want eye-popping flavor without the unnatural ingredients? Our Original Blend is great for all snackers.