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Are your products vegan? 

Our 'nana chips and most of our snack mixes are vegan. Our UnGranolas use egg whites to get the crunch we like, so those aren't vegan. Also, our Smoky Chipotle BBQ Snack Mix uses honey to give the mix a touch of sweetness, so that product isn't vegan either. 


Are your banana chips fried?

We fry them in coconut oil.  We feel that is the most nutrient dense and high-heat stable oil that we can use.

We of course realize that nutrition science is still a fledgeling practice. And thus, there is a WIDE range of studies and mindsets.  But from our personal experiences, we side with the philosophy of the below article:


I thought that fried food doesn’t fit in paleo diet ? Can you explain me why your chips can be in a paleo diet ?

A few of our favorite on-line resources on the Paleo Diet are Marks Daily Apple and The Paleo Mom.  They both have very good "intro to Paleo" posts that will help you understand more about it.

Here's a post that speaks directly to cooking food by frying:

Here's a few posts from other sources about coconut oil (the only oil we use for frying our green bananas):

Here's a few posts regarding fat and frying foods in it:

I hope you find the articles informative.  Please let us know if you have any further questions after reading them.

I noticed your product has a lot of saturated fat in the them. Where is all this saturated fat coming from? 

You should always take the advice of your doctor.  But, for what it's worth, here's our take on the nutrition:

The saturated fat in our snacks comes from the use of coconut oil.  We fry our bananas in coconut oil. Nutrition science is still a fledgling practice... which is why we continue to see changing opinions over the years.  More and more research is showing that saturated fat is no longer the enemy that we thought it was back in the 70's and 80's. In fact, it can be beneficial for us, especially when coming from coconut.  Check out the below links to read more.


Where is all the sodium in your products coming from?

Sodium is an interesting one as well.  We really respect the work of Dr. Chris Kresser. He wrote a very in depth report on salt with a fresh look at the latest data. See the below link...  

His concluding statements:

"Hundreds of studies have been conducted on salt intake, and a consistent pattern has never been established for sodium’s role in a variety of negative health outcomes. Considering the evidence I’ve presented in this series, I believe that salt restriction for the general population is not only unnecessary, but potentially dangerous."

Of course, we recommend that you ultimately go with your doctor's recommendation!