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General Product Questions

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Aren’t bananas high in sugar?

Not ours! We use green Saba bananas, which have 75% less sugar than the ripe Cavendish bananas that you’re used to eating from the grocery store. Most of our Kettle Cooked ‘Nana Chips and Grain Free Snack Mixes contain only 1g of total sugars per serving. 

According the International Glycemic Index Database, any foods with a GI value under 55 are considered Low Glycemic. Fully ripe Cavendish bananas are listed with a GI value of 51 (still low glycemic). Green bananas are listed with a value of only 30. 

Another wonderful benefit of our green bananas are that they are high in resistant starch, which have a prebiotic effect. Before bananas ripen, they contain mostly resistant starch (which will convert to simple sugars if allowed to go thru the ripening process). Studies show that resistant starch can lead to better digestive health.

Are your products vegan?

Some of them are, some are Ovo Vegetarian.All of our Kettle-Cooked 'Nana Chips are certified Vegan.Our Grain Free Snack Mixes are certified Vegan, except for the Hickory Smoked BBQ flavor, which is Vegan+Honey.Our Grain Free Ungranolas are NOT Vegan. We use cage free egg whites to get the crunch we like and a touch of honey for sweetness.

Are your banana chips fried?

Yes, we fry our green Saba banana in nutrient dense coconut oil. We feel that is the most nutrient dense and high-heat stable oil that we can use. More and more research is showing that saturated fat is no longer the enemy that we thought it was back in the 70's and 80's. In fact, it can be beneficial for us, especially when coming from coconut. 

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Where is the saturated fat coming from?  

The saturated fat in our snacks comes from the use of coconut oil. We fry our green Saba bananas in nutrient dense coconut oil. More and more research is showing that saturated fat is no longer the enemy that we thought it was back in the 70's and 80's. In fact, it can be beneficial for us, especially when coming from coconut. 

We think the following articles are worth the read: 

Where is the sodium coming from?

Most of the sodium content is coming from the trace-mineral-rich Sea Salt that we use to provide for our bold flavors. The new research on sodium is proving to be interesting. We really respect the work of Dr. Chris Kresser. He wrote a very in depth report on salt with a fresh look at the latest data. See the below link... 

 His concluding statements: 

"Hundreds of studies have been conducted on salt intake, and a consistent pattern has never been established for sodium’s role in a variety of negative health outcomes. Considering the evidence I’ve presented in this series, I believe that salt restriction for the general population is not only unnecessary, but potentially dangerous." 

Why is the serving size only 1 ounce? 

Since our products are all considered snacks, the FDA actually has a serving size guideline of 1oz or 30g. Our granolas also fall into the snack category since the FDA category for cereals is actually "grain based cereals." Our UnGranolas aren't grain based, so they don't fall into the cereal category! 

Subscription Questions

How do I change the contents of my subscription? 

All you need to do is log into your account on When logged in, you can add products, swap for new products, and cancel your subscription entirely. 

I have a subscription but can't log into my account. Please help! 

More than likely, you did not activate your account. Look in your UPDATES or SPAM/JUNK folders for an account activation email and click the "ACTIVATE MY SUBSCRIPTION" button. If you can't find the email, just let us know, and we can send another email to activate your subscription.

Can I use my Bubba Bucks (rewards points) on future subscription orders? 

If you are signed up for our rewards program, you already know the power of Bubba Bucks (hint: your Bubba Bucks can be used for big discounts on future purchases). 

Since a subscription order is already discounted, Bubba Bucks cannot be redeemed for subscriptions. However, you WILL receive Bubba Bucks with every subscription order, so that means your rewards will pile up quickly! 

Can I have multiple subscriptions? 

You can have as many subscriptions as you want! Just keep in mind that orders less than $30 will be charged shipping. If you would like to consolidate your subscriptions, simply log into your account and add products to one of your subscription orders.  

Can I use my PayPal account to pay for my subscription? 

Unfortunately, our subscription system does not accept PayPal.

Does my subscription have to be sent either every 30 days or 60 days? 

Nope! If you want your order sent at different times, log into your account and change how frequently your orders are shipped. The frequency just can't be more than every 90 days!

How do I cancel my subscription?  

We hope you LOVE your Bubba's snacks. However, if you would like to cancel your order for any reason, log into your account and cancel your subscription.