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Experience the go-anywhere, please-everyone snack that splits the difference between eye-popping flavors and nourishing, Paleo ingredients, all packed into an outstanding banana experience like no other. 

This month's giveaway:

Full Family Variety Pack - Retail Value $44.99


Husband is on a paleo kick and these snacks are the BOMB! He is very picky and likes all the flavors in the variety pack. Perfect to keep from getting hangry in between meals. ~Nichole L

We use real food. 

We started Bubba's out of our sincere desire to radically change the US food system toward real-food based snacks. That means that we only choose real ingredients that have been Non-GMO Project Verified. Take that fake food. 

We use green Saba bananas. 

We take green Saba bananas that are packed with prebiotics, vitamins and minerals, are low sugar, and don't actually taste anything like bananas. It's a superfood before superfoods existed.

We are paleo and gluten free.

Douse them in nutrient-dense coconut oil and bold, natural seasonings. The result is a crunchy taste explosion like you've never had since you ditched potato chips. 

Clean Goodness!

WOW! I don't need to fear for my grain allergies. I can eat without guilt. I liked all of the flavors. What's not to love? Stock your shelves and never be without them again! ~No Grain Diva

Snacks everyone will love...

  • SALTY, SWEET AND CRUNCHY: Bubba's snacks tastes like the comfort snacks of your youth, but with ingredients you can pronounce.

  • REAL INGREDIENTS: Bubba's uses banana chips, coconut, spices & nuts. It's simple & delicious. 

  • CONVENIENT: Our single serves are in the perfect go anywhere, do-anything package. Never leave home without a delicious snack again.

  • DELISH FLAVORS: Savory Original, Grand Garlic Parm, Blazing Buffalo & Bourbon Vanilla. 

  • WE SAID NO: No added sugar. Non-GMO. Gluten-free, Grain-free, Dairy-free, Soy-free.

Paleo Deliciousness!

I'm hooked! One of the things I missed when I started reading Paleo was crunchy foods. These deliver. I was unsure at first, thinking who wants to eat a spicy buffalo banana? Wow! ~Kristy K