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Real Food
Real Delicious

Looking for a delicious AND healthy snack? Try Bubba's surprising blend of kettle cooked banana chips that has the potato chip flavor you crave with the ingredients you need.

So... WHY bananas? 

  • SALTY AND CRUNCHY: We cook with green saba bananas that don't have that typical banana sweetness. Because they aren't sweet, we can create mouthwatering savory flavors that still crunch like your favorite bag of chips. 

  • REAL INGREDIENTS: Bananas, spices, and nuts. That's all that's in our snack mixes. It doesn't get much simpler than that. 

  • GREAT FOR GUT HEALTH: Green bananas are a significant source of pre-biotics, which are great for digestive health. 

  • HIGH FIBER CONTENT: Oh yeah, and green bananas are high in fiber, so they make your digestive system even happier. 

  • WE SAID NO: No added sugar. Non-GMO. Gluten-free, Grain-free, Dairy-free, Soy-free.

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Snack Mix

This grain-free snack mix is a dream come true for the healthconscious snacker!  Packed with real food that treats your body with therespect it deserves... like banana chips, pecans, and cashews. It also makes for a killer crouton replacement for salads! 

'Nana Chips

There's nothing like a good ol' bag of chips. But, we dumped the played out potato in favor of the banana. These 'nana's aren't sweet and we add flavor from REAL flavors & spices. Get the crisp crunch you crave, without the potato! 


Grain-free eaters rejoice! The taste of granola has returned to your mouth... but without all the high-glycemic grains. Our UnGranola is loaded with almonds, coconut flakes, cashews and just the right amount of mouthwatering flavor! 

Awesome Stuff!

I love Gardettos and Chex Mix but they are so unhealthy! Bubba's is similar and tastes just as good if not better. Plus I feel good after eating it instead of feeling like garbage after eating Gardettos or Chex mix. ~David Zihlman 

Use code "Bananas30" for 30% off!


Husband is on a paleo kick and these snacks are the BOMB! He is very picky and likes all the flavors in the variety pack. Perfect to keep from getting hangry in between meals. ~Nichole L