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Bourbon Vanilla UnGranola

$ 13.99

Not oats. No joke. Divinely Crunchy.

Grain Free. Gluten Free. Paleo. Non-GMO. Kosher. No Refined Sugar. No Soy. No Dairy.

Our UnGranola uses non-GMO coconut flakes, cashews, and sliced almonds. Then, a primo kick of Bourbon Vanilla and a subtle touch o’honey. Slow baked to a delightful crunch, there are no oats to cramp your style.

Top yogurt or ice cream. Boost your smoothie. Eat it as cereal in a bowl or munch right from the bag.

*Not a low calorie food. See nutrition information for sugar and calorie content. 

Looking for the hard to pronounce ingredients? There’s nothing but real food here.

INGREDIENTS: Coconut, Green Saba Bananas, Almonds, Cashews, Honey, Coconut Oil, Cage Free Egg Whites, Bourbon Vanilla Extract, Sea Salt (NOTE: recipe includes bananas)

This product is Project Verified Non-GMO and certified Paleo & Kosher by Earth Kosher and is carefully produced in gluten free facility that also processes peanuts and tree nuts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Another awsome product!

Some time when your not sure about trying a product as to whether you'll really like it or not. Or if it might be a little too sweet for your liking. The best way is just to jump right in and give it a try. Well to our surprise, it was delicious and not overly sweet at all. Great as a snack and fantastic as a cereal too!


Ahhhhmazing Ungranola...

Love love love Bubba’ Ungranola! I cannot say how happy I was to find this special treat! One year ago I was no longer able to eat grains of ANY kind due to surgery. I missed oats the most and it was very hard to find a substitute for them... until Bubba’s! What a relief to find something not only grain-free but so amazingly delicious not to mention “clean”! I am limited in my sugar intake as well and this was also the answer. I am hoping to reintroduce grains again in a few weeks but I will be continuing to eat Bubba’s Ungranola flavors! Possibly on my oatmeal...


I received a sample of the Bourbon Vanilla UnGranola in an Alpen Fuel box. All I can say I this is some good stuff. I was very surprised by the taste and will be buying some for backcountry snacks.

My favorite!

This has all the flavor of granola without the sugar. Love this right out of the bag or with some nut milk.

Too easy to eat too much - it's just that tasty!

Really great granola! Crunchy, flavorful, all the good stuff and none of the bad. Only problem is that it disappears too quickly.