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The Full Family Variety Pack: Snack Mix, Nana Chips, UnGranola

$ 44.99

All of our grain-free crunchy comfort snacks.  In one tidy package.

So easy. So tasty.

Our UnGranola uses non-GMO coconut flakes, cashews/pecans, and sliced almonds. Slow baked to a delightful crunch, there are no oats to cramp your style.

Buy all 9 amazing flavors of our Snack Mix, Nana Chips and UnGranola with just one click.
Variety Pack includes the following bags:
1. Savory Original Snack Mix, 4oz
2. Smokey Chipotle BBQ Snack Mix, 4oz
3. Righteous Ranch Snack Mix, 4oz
4. Macho Nacho 'Nana Chips, 2.7oz
5. Blazing Buffalo 'Nana Chips, 2.7oz
6. Grand Garlic Parm 'Nana Chips, 2.7oz
7. Bourbon Vanilla UnGranola, 6oz
8. Uber Chocolate UnGranola, 6oz
9. Cinn-Ful Apple UnGranola, 6oz

*Not a low calorie food. See nutrition information for sugar and calorie content. 

Top yogurt or ice cream. Boost your smoothie. Eat it as cereal in a bowl or munch right from the bag.

However you dine, much Bubba-love to you, friend.

Our Real Food Ingredients:

You'll note we said NO to: Artificial Anything, Added Sugars, Preservatives, Cheap Oils, Gluten & Grains. You're welcome.

This product is carefully produced in gluten free facility that also processes peanuts and tree nuts.

This product has been certified Non-GMO, Paleo & Kosher by Earth Kosher. Certification logos will not appear on packaging until early 2019.

Customer Reviews

Based on 121 reviews

I first found out about Bubba's Fine Foods from my local grocery store. I bought the few flavors they offered. I loved them so much that I went online and bought the entire line of products directly so I would know what they were all like. My 2 favorites are the Savory Original Snack Mix and Blazing Buffalo Nano Mix! To keep me from eating the entire bag in one sitting, I had to force myself to measure the proper portions and put them in individual snack bags. They are that good! The Un-granolas are also delicious! I also love supporting small business because I am a small business owner, as well.


When I ordered over the holidays sample packs of sreakhouse banana chips were included. Will you be offering them as a snack? They were delicious.

Healthy and so good

Lied and enjoyed every item in The Full Variety Family Pack. The bags of UnGranola are so good! I eat these right out of bag. Also like them mised into Greek Yogurt. I will buy this package again.


I’ve recently ordered the package that comes with 9 items. My family tried the different flavors and thought they were delightful. Even my non health conscious relatives said, “Yummy!” Thank you Bubba’s Fine Foods for offering these great foods!!

Tasty snacks!

Not everyone likes the same snacks, but When I tried the variety pack, I found flavors that I really liked and loved the variety and the fact that they are healthy for you was a real plus! I will definitely be ordering these again!