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A Journey to the Paleo Diet

Posted on April 29, 2020

We all have a story. What's yours?

For most of my life, I struggled with stomach issues. I tried everything Western Medicine had to offer. I tried difficult diets. But nothing seemed to work. 

I missed out on daily activities. I had to limit my socializing with friends. I felt like an outcast. 

After radically changing my life through my diet and connecting with others through that experience, I realized that I am not alone. My story isn’t really all that different from many other people out there. It’s my hope that we can use this blog to share our stories and improve our lives. 

A Bit About Me

My name is Kelly Suda, and I am a proud new member of the Bubba’s team as our Customer Experience Specialist. While in college at Colorado State University, I discovered Bubba’s as I was struggling with stomach issues dating back to second grade. My primary diagnosis was IBS--a common health condition for most people who follow the Paleo diet.  

Throughout most of my life, I endured frequent pain that forced me to miss out on daily activities such as school or socializing. I felt like an outcast because of my dietary restrictions and even felt a little hopeless that I would have to live this way for the rest of my life. In high school, I was given prescription medicine and antibiotics multiple times, and that ended up making my condition worse. Then I tried special diets such as FODMAPs, which I found to be challenging to keep up with. 

Feeling completely frustrated, I started to research Holistic Medicine when I realized that traditional Western practices were failing. This is when I began to start my healing journey.

The Start of My Healing Journey

When I sought guidance from a holistic specialist in St. Louis, she recommended I try the Paleo Diet. While an adjustment at first, I was feeling ill and helpless and was willing to sacrifice anything, even if it meant giving up grains on the Paleo Diet. 

Though I already ate a healthy diet before I transitioned to a Paleo lifestyle, I was never aware of the vast amounts of added sugar that was in our standard American diet. When I began to remove grains and processed sugars, I saw improvements rapidly. Soon after, my lifestyle was immensely improved to the point where I was no longer in pain every day. 

More than a Diet - Help From Eastern Medicine 

Although the grain-free lifestyle made a positive and radical difference, my body was still out of tune and needed to be repaired back from the damage of the antibiotics that caused havoc on micro-biome throughout the years.

That’s when I discovered Dr. Thomas E. Duckworth--a specialist in Kototama Life Medicine, a Japanese form of acupuncture that focuses on pulse diagnosis. Dr. Duckworth helped me immensely with acupuncture treatments while also a staunch advocate for healing through food. My clean-eating approach through the Paleo Diet was strongly supported by Dr Duckworth. Quickly, I felt like I became myself again through Kototama medicine, staying Paleo, and living an active lifestyle.

Along Came Bubba’s Paleo Snacks

As I was on the road to recovery, Bubba’s came along as the perfect snack to get me through the harsh transition of removing indulgent foods from my diet. Bubba’s was real food, easy, and accessible. It gave me sustained energy I needed to fit my dietary needs. 

Bubba’s In My Daily Life

Since my Bubba’s discovery, it has become more than just a healthy Paleo snack for me. The Snack Mix and ‘Nana Chips always allow me to have tasty food on the go and make me feel included with the rest of my friends at get togethers. The Ungranola has allowed me to enjoy a decadent bowl of cereal again, which is something that I thought I had long said goodbye to when I gave up grains. Not only can I start my day with a bowl of cereal, but I have a multitude of delicious flavors to choose from that leave me feeling energized afterwards! 

These grain-free snacks and granolas have upgraded my quality of life on a personal health level as well as socially, which has continued to make my Paleo lifestyle choice a fulfilling one.


When I first transitioned to a Paleo Lifestyle, I was just one person who didn’t know there were other people out there like me. Now, as a member of the Bubba’s team along with Jared and Jeff, it is my hope that we can help build a community to support each other to grow in health and happiness through clean eating habits. 

Will you share your story? I would love to hear it and post it on our blog. Please reach out to me at  or leave a comment under this post if you would like to share your thoughts. Plus, if we feature your story, we will give you a free full family variety pack!

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