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Cinn-Ful Apple UnGranola-Now with Organic Apples!

Posted on June 05, 2015

We rolled out our Cinn-Ful Apple UnGranola in March as a Limited Release.  With it's amazing airy-crunchy texture and delicious flavors, it quickly became a huge hit amongst our fan base.  Due to it's popularity, we've now made it part of our regular line up.  And we made it even better for you... by using premium Organic Apples.

Loaded with non-GMO coconut flakes, sliced almonds, pecans, organic apples, cinnamon and other great-for-you ingredients... this UnGranola not only tastes great, but it will keep you feeling satisfied all morning long.

Pour some coconut milk over a bowl of the goodness... and let the cinnamon soak into the milk. It will seriously remind you of the days of eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch (TM) cereal... but without the bloat, soon-to-be hungry belly, and the nasty ingredient list.

Try it out and let us know what you think!  Buy it here!

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