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Healthy Foods That Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Posted by Kelly Suda on

Some of us were born with a sweet tooth, BUT we all know sugar isn’t the best thing in the world for us. so what should we do?  Thankfully, there are plenty of fantastic ways to satisfy your sweet tooth without consuming processed sugar. Don't be ashamed of your love for sweets! Embrace...

How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

Posted by Kelly Suda on

As you’re driving down the street trying to find the right place to satisfy your growling stomach, you will probably only run into fast food restaurants with one or two healthy options to choose from on their menu. You want to eat better but then you think, “I could get three cheeseburgers...

5 Tips To Get Back Into Your Workout Routine

Posted by Kelly Suda on

Falling off track from your workout routine can feel like starting all over again... even if it's only a two week hiatus! Whether it’s been a few days or a few months, just because you stop exercising doesn’t mean you can’t get back to where you were. All it takes...

Stop Stress Eating With These 8 Tips

Posted by Kelly Suda on

Life can get stressful... Whether it’s your car breaking down or welcoming the new baby, stress is inevitable. Although we can't avoid unexpected life changes, we can combat our negative responses to them instead of allowing unhealthy habits take over our well being. For some people this means panic attacks, for...

8 Tips On Eating Out With Restrictive Diets

Posted by Kelly Suda on

Restrictive diets are NO reason to restrict yourself from enjoying the social and delicious joys of dining out. Although the majority of restaurants are catered to people that are not on special diets, that does not mean you cannot have a personalized dining experience at them.  Tips to help you...

The 80’s called. They were wrong on fats.

Posted by Kelly Suda on

Over the past few decades, we were told that low-fat diets were the way to go. That myth has been wholeheartedly busted, but this way of thinking still permeates many people’s minds here in the US. Let’s set the record straight on fats once and for all…  We must consume...