Fit Paleo Life - Top 10 Snacks! July 30, 2015 12:31

We were recently honored to be selected on The Fit Paleo Life blog's Top 10 Paleo Snack Foods! 

Check out their post here

We are long time eaters of Paleo snacks. Although there are plenty of chewy and sweet options, we noticed there was very limited crunchy and savory snacks.  Which is exactly why we brought our savory Snack Mix to the market. Take care of your salty/crunchy desires... and still comply with the Paleo diet!  Click here to start shopping!


We're on TV! July 09, 2015 10:40


We had a great time with the Fox47 Rochester Morning Show news team in June! We were filmed at Grand Rounds Brewpub, where we make our grain-free, crunchy snacks. We thought they did an excellent job with the piece, especially working with us TV novices. You can check out the clip here:

If you'd like to buy Bubba's Snack Mix and UnGranola, just click SHOP NOW and get a clickin'!

Paleo Life Box - June Edition June 16, 2015 17:58

We were very excited to have our Chipotle Honey BBQ Snack Mix included in the June edition of the Paleo Life Box! If you aren't a current member of this Paleo snack subscription service - you can get signed up at It's a tasty way to stay current on all the latest Paleo snacks... and enjoy the classics too.

It was fun to read the all the reviews of the June box.  For most of the reviewer's, this was their first introduction to our savory and crunchy Snack Mix.  Check 'em out below!

1. Paleo on a Budget 

"This month there was a really great mix of sweet and savory snacks! Which was awesome because we totally divided things up according to who wanted what and there were no hard feelings – and yes, in case you’re wondering I kind of stole the bubba snack mix, ran into the office and ate it like a 3 year old who stole a cookie from the cookie jar! "

2. Clear Sunshine 

"I was pretty pumped about trying these.  I found them via Instagram recently and then right after saw that they had linked up with Paleo Life Box.  I decided to wait to purchase them and was also super excited to get the flavor I wanted to try!!  Good things come to those who wait!!  I was not disappointed, because this stuff is quite delicious and addicting.  There is a mix of banana chips, pecans, and cashews.  The flavoring was oh so good!  I will definitely be buying these in the future."

3. Hello Subscription 

"Absolutely loved the sweet chipotle flavoring on this snack, though a plain variety wouldn’t be bad, either.  Mostly banana chips (nice and crisp) and sweet cashews, with some pecans tossed in for good measure.  Hits all the right notes and the crisp and crunchy is a welcome break from the “chew” of paleo snacking."

4. Ramblings of a Suburban Mom 

"This is totally delicious!  L loved it too actually!  It’s a grain-free snack mix and is perfect for snacking."

Cinn-Ful Apple UnGranola-Now with Organic Apples! June 05, 2015 05:00

Due to it's amazing popularity, we've now made our Cinn-Ful Apple UnGranola part of our regular line up! And we made it even better for you... by using premium Organic Apples!


New Limited Release - Cinn-Ful Apple UnGranola! March 26, 2015 07:12


La Chica Organica Review February 10, 2015 08:09

Thanks to La Chica Organica for their Bubba's product review!  Check out the below link:

If you run a nutrition or fitness related blog/social media site and would like to review Bubba's, please let us know!

New Product! Chipotle Honey BBQ Snack Mix October 31, 2014 08:19

We've got a new Snack Mix flavor soon coming on the scene!  Chipotle Honey BBQ.  Did somebody say Chipotleeeeeee?

Tangy.  Smokey.  Sweet..  Are you in-line at your neighborhood BBQ joint?  No ma'am.  But that's where Bubba's latest Snack Mix flavor is going to take you.

And of course, we've used nothing but the finest, real food ingredients to give this amazing flavor... like a little Minnesota-local honey for some sweetness; and real tomato paste, smoked alderwood salt, and spices for the tang.

Chipotle Honey BBQ Snack Mix will be available for sale in December!  Stay tuned for details.

Need some?  Want some?  Get some!